Flower Allergies

When people are allergic to pollen, many flowers will bring on uncomfortable and sometimes severe allergy symptoms. What was meant to be a lovely gift or a flowerbed filled with beautiful blooms ends up being a source of extreme discomfort and displeasure. Instead of foregoing gifts of flowers or avoiding blooms in the landscape, consider the following flowers for people with allergies. They are low-pollen varieties, and some make wonderful cuttings. Try these blooms for people with allergies, and enjoy the beauty of colorful flowers in and around the home.

Geraniums for People with Allergies in Zones Four to Nine

One of the best varieties of flowers for people with allergies is the geranium. When many think of geraniums they envision the red or pink variety most commonly sold in discount stores, but they are also available in blue, various shades of purple, and white. They come in many different varieties, and they can reach heights of up to two feet. Although they are not good for cutting and displaying in vases, the low-growing hardy variety makes a fantastic border or groundcover, especially for people with allergies. Some varieties even have double flowers, and they can be grown from seed.

Choose Beautiful Snapdragons for Zones Four to Eleven

People with allergies love flowers just as much as those without allergies, but those with an allergy to pollen want beautiful flowers that will not cause uncomfortable symptoms. Snapdragons are the ideal choice. Not only are they beautiful in the garden, but they are perfect for cutting and displaying in bouquets with other flowers. Although they love full sun, they can tolerate partial shade, and they are one of the best flowers for people with allergies.

Dahlias for People with Allergies in Zones Seven to Eleven

The dahlia is another fantastic choice for people with allergies in zones seven to eleven. They can be successfully grown in cooler climates, but they must be dug up for the winter. They are available in many different colors, and since they come in tall and lower growing varieties, they are very versatile bedding plants. They require full sun and soil that provides adequate drainage. They also grow well in containers on porches, decks, balconies, and patios. People with allergies can have close contact with these beauties without the fear of suffering pollen-related symptoms.

Plant Blue or Pink Forget-Me-Not Flowers in Zones Three to Eight

Forget-me-not flowers are very tiny, but their small blooms are bursting with color and timeless appeal. Since the blooms are very small, they are an ideal choice for people with allergies. Read the article entitled Forget-Me-Not Flowers for more information on their requirements and care, and take a look at the photo of these beautiful little flowers that grow wild in many areas of the United States. They can be grown by seed for very little expense, and they will reseed themselves year after year. Although I do not have allergies, they have always been one of my personal favorites.